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Are you looking for a hotel in Kensington? Maybe you have a limited budget, but you don’t want to compromise on the quality and comfort of your stay. Not a problem! Now you can book London Guards Hotel near Kensington at a fraction of the cost. It is affordable and it is easily accessible from nearby regions. There are many hotels in Kensington, but it is better to choose a budget hotel that provides all the facilities. Rather than spending too much on staying in hotel you can use the extra amount for doing more sightseeing and other fun activities.

Your decision to visit Kensington is an excellent one, as this beautiful district of London is famous for its culture, heritage and rich neighborhoods. Every year, thousands of tourists pour in Kensington to visit famous museums, art galleries, exhibition centers, concert halls, and beautiful landscapes.

Some of the Main tourist attractions of Kensington are:
Natural History Museum: It is dedicated towards the discovery of new ideas, understanding and use of the nature. The museum is comprised of some world renowned exhibitions, beautiful collections related to art and vast information regarding latest research.

Royal Albert Hall: It’s aconcert hall in the South Kensington area and some of the world’s best artists have performed here. If you choose to stay in our hotel in Kensington, you can reach here conveniently.

Serpentine Gallery: It is one of the most famous and contemporary art galleries in London.

Victoria and Albert Museum: It is one of the largest museums in the world. It includes different types of items such as ceramics, textiles, glass, photographs and drawings.

Kensington Palace: It has been the residence of British Royals for several years. There are many exhibitions held for general public to view the royal collections.

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