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Why so many people prefer London Guards Hotel

London is one of the most popular destinations of the world among tourists and business travellers. The city has a lot to offer to both these types of visitors. The number of tourist attractions in this city is so numerous that one has to stay here for at least a few days to see everything that is interesting.

If you live in one of the budget hotels in Paddington or one of hotels near Heathrow Express, you will be able to visit more tourist attractions without spending too much time or money travelling from one part of the city to another. Staying in one of the cheap hotels in central London will also enable you to save enough money to ensure that you visit as many interesting sites as possible. One of the main reasons why London Guards Hotel is so popular is its proximity to Paddington and Heathrow Express.

When you come to London do not forget to visit the British Museum. It houses seven million exhibits that stand testimony to the milestones of human culture from the very beginning to the present times! Among the popular exhibits are the Elgin Marbles, a huge bust of Ramesses II, Cleopatra's mummy, the Rosetta stone, drawings by Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, and William Blake. You must also make it a point to go to the Victoria and Albert Museum in Kensington.

Tourists also love to visit the Buckingham Palace to see the Changing of the Guard. If you come in summer, you may go into the palace and take a look at the interiors of the palace. Just as the guards of the palace never fail to impress, London Guards Hotel will also never fail to impress you.

You miss out on all this fun if you choose to stay in a drab part of London when you visit the city. Since many people visit the city during the weekends, it is important to book your rooms in cheap hotels in central London in advance.

Those who like adventure should go to the London Eye. This 135 metre high Ferris wheel enables people to get a wonderful view of the city of London. The capsules that hold the passengers are air-conditioned, so you can enjoy the ride to the hilt.

The culture scene in London is quite vibrant. The West End district is famous for the theatres that are located here. It is a good idea to opt for advance booking because these shows are very popular.

Now matter why you come to London, staying one of the cheap hotels in Central London will enable you to make the most of the time that you spend in the city.