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36 - 37 Lancaster Gate
London W2 3NA
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Why You Should Choose London Guards Hotel

If you intend to come to London for a holiday, you must plan your trip in advance because there are many interesting places to visit and many exciting things to do in the city. If you do not decide what you will do on which day when you are in London, you may end up not visiting some of the top tourist spots. Another thing that you must bear in mind when you are in London is that like all other big cities of the world, this city also has its share of traffic snarls. If you choose to live in part of London that is far away from the most famous tourist attractions, you will waste time travelling inside the city instead of enjoying yourself.

Hence, seasoned travellers opt for the cheap hotels in central London. If you are looking for hotels near Hyde Park, London Guards Hotel will be a good choice. This London townhouse hotel is preferred by many guests because of many reasons. Apart from the fact that other parts of the city can be easily accessed by people who stay here, the 19th century structure allows guests to soak in the experience of living in a London that was the setting for many a Victorian novel. The large sash windows and the remarkably high ceilings of the building create this unique atmosphere.

However, one can enjoy the comforts of modern civilization even in the historical structure. For example, all the rooms are air-conditioned. Central heating facilities are available when it gets colder. You will also be happy to know that a fridge and coffee and tea making arrangements are provided in the rooms. This London hotel accommodation also provides sumptuous English and Continental breakfast. In case you want to try to sample exotic fare, you may choose to have your meals at the restaurant where Armenian and Russian food is available.

Although the hotel does not charge too much, the good news is that people staying here can easily go to Knightsbridge where some of the richest and most famous people of the world live. Many of the flagship stores of the biggest fashion designers are situated in this part of the city. Many celebrities come to shop in these stores regularly. If you are lucky, you may meet them in the shops in Knightsbridge!

Book your rooms in London Guards Hotel in advance because people always want to live in this hotel.