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Discover London by Staying in London Guards Hotel

When you come to England, you will surely want to find out why the country is different from all other places of the world. One of the ways of experiencing the uniqueness of a country is to visit the rural parts of the nation. Another way is to live in the main cities of the country for a few days. However, most urban centres around the world tend to be similar in various ways. The secret is to stay in a part of the city that makes it different from all other cities in various parts of the world.

If you want to understand why so many tourists visit London every year, you may consider living in the one of the hotels near Oxford Street. People looking for hotels providing bed and breakfasts in central London and budget hotels in Paddington, often come to the London Guards Hotel because of several reasons.

One of the prime factors that makes this place so popular is that one feels that one has travelled back to the England of Queen Victoria when one lives here. This is because the high ceilings of the rooms and the large sash windows reminds one of the bygone ages. However, all modern amenities like air conditioning and central heating facilities, fridge, IDD telephones in the rooms, and even tea and coffee making arrangements within the room are available in the hotel.

Another reason why this London hotel accommodation is so popular is that Oxford Street is close to it. Some of the flagships stores of large shop chains are located on Oxford Street and thus these stores are used for launches. The popularity of the Street can be gauged from the fact that it is almost always crowded because of the large number of tourists and shoppers who invariably come to this street.

Staying in the London Guards Hotel will also enable you to travel to other parts of the city quite easily. Since it is near Paddington, getting to locations like the London Eye, St Paul's Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Marble Arch, Piccadilly Circus, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, British Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Natural History Museum, Tate Britain, and Tate Modern will be quite easy.

There is no point in living in an opulent hotel in the fringes of the city because you will not only spend money on luxuries that you really do not need but also because you will have to spend too much time getting from your hotel to the tourist spots. Instead come to London Guards Hotel for a memorable visit to London.